Next level of Android Mobile app testing!

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Recently the Nextcloud Android 2.0 app introduced contacts backup, search, fingerprint locking, notifications and much more. We’ve made many smaller and larger improvements since then. The team has since decided to make a change to the Android App test version: from now on, it is based on the ‘master’ development branch, which means it always has the latest features after they have been developed, reviewed and merged. If you want to live on the edge and help us test the latest work, reporting issues if you bump into them, this is what you want to use!

The nice thing is: you can install the Android testing app alongside the regular app.

The app is available on F-Droid or by directly grabbing the apk from our download server. And once some upcoming changes are merged, the manually installed app will check automatically for updates once a day and notifies you of a new version, offering you to upgrade! Note that F-Droid already has built in new-version-notifications.

The Google play store beta program still provides the ‘real’ beta and RC versions.

We’d love to hear about any problems you have, from broken translations to features that aren’t working. Report problems on github.

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Last beta version I received in Play Store is from October. So not much to do right now…

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@snapper87 there is a slightly modified blog version, which is specifying this part: the google beta program is used for release candidates only. So this are very stable previews of upcoming versions.
The dev version is available via direct download and fdroid.

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