Next Cloud News- need cron?

I am using NC 21.x.

I added the nC News app.

as soon I open the app, I get a message tothe effect that new will not update with out a cron set up. Somehthing about settingup a fsaster parrelel updater.(see image).

what do I need to do do get this working/updating?



Well, just set up a cron job :slight_smile:. Check out the manual if you are hosting yourself or ask your provider for instructions (the actual doing is differently on different hosters).


Thanks for pointing to the manual talking about the cron job file. Did not know about it.

It has for an example running the cron job at 5 minute intervals. Is this a god interval? I am not sure the needs of NC, so I am curious what the best time interval would be needed.

Is there anything to teak or modify in the cron.php file?

As well, part of the reason I asked this question to start with, because it talked about setting up a faster parallel updated. What is that?



I am running my cron job every 5 minutes, too. Others might only run it every 15 minutes. I think this is fine.

I think you are referring to the optional usage of the Nextcloud News Updater.

Because the feed update process is mainly limited by I/O, parallel fetching of RSS feed updates can speed up the updating process significantly. […] Therefore the News app provides an API that offers a more fine grained control over updating feeds. This Python project implements an update mechanism that is based on the updater REST API or (new in Nextcloud News 8.1.0) the console based update API.

It is optional, because it requires you to have control over your server and the permission to run python scripts. Usually cheap webspace only allows you to run php scripts. Personally i do not use it and never had issues with the News app. If you have troubles with the default setup (for example if you have hundreds of feeds) and you know what you are doing, you can try it of course.