Next Cloud Hardware, RP 4 vs Intel Nuc or similar

Sorry for my bad English,
The eternal question. Which will work better RP4 (4gb) or Intel Nuc i3 or i5 (2 cores)
My usage:
10 to 50 gb data. Not much traffic.
Occasionally max 20 people downloading 100 to 500 mb of data.

I shut down my server for being slow and it was a RP3+B, is the new RP4 with 4 cores worth it for my requirements or should I spend more money and buy a mini pc?

Thanks for your answer.

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I think the raspberry pi 4 is just fine for this usecase.


Thank you for your reply. I will try to buy an 8gb RP4 to make it work looser.
I looked on the internet and people’s opinions were that having 4 cores would make it run faster than the 2 cores of the Mini PCs.

NC is a complex construction out a db, and php files. Improving peformence is booth an art and sience.

You can make your DB more efficient by clustering it, change to another db like postgres. Or you twist the screws on the webserver site enable php and redis caches.

It’s very hard to say wich setup is better in general because you also have to keep in mind if the NC setup on the machine was optimized or not.

My Opinion is definitly that the PI4 is fine for you. It might need to be tuned a bit with a faster DB server like PostreSQL and don’t forget to enable caches.

Hopefully they are not downloading at the same time. :wink:

Perhaps also a Managed Nextcloud in the Internet is an option. If you calculate e.g. power at 24/7, a managed nextcloud is often worthwhile. Also you don’t have to deal with updates. Buy additional backup or make your own backup locally on usb-drives and you are fine. Also download is for all users (20 people) in the internet faster than over your home network (e.g. DSL upload is their download).


I like the idea of clustering although I don’t know if RP4 and RP3 could be mixed, but it would be fun to get involved and have fun while I learn.

About PostgreSQL I see it more robust than other sql, if you have a link on this topic I would appreciate it.

And I’ll have to look at the caches in that I’m lost.



The idea is to have it running at home, because except for specific cases I don’t need much access, although in the case that this goes to more I don’t rule out outsourcing the server, although I would lose the original idea that is to create it, maintain it and learn while enjoying it.


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Yes. Than it is the best way to host it at home. But i think than a Pi is a good solution.
You can also create a free Nextcloud account in the internet. I use different Nextclouds for different features. I like same software on different servers. Also i can use my Android app for different nextcloud servers, too.

Clustering is not trivial and for 20 users, it’s really not required.

RPi 4 is perhaps enough. The NUCs have more performance, optimizing and speeding up things is much easier.

Feel this had been discussed endlessly.

Pi 4 basically supports 4 - 5 users.
Nuc is vastly superior in every way.
SSDs help a lot
Fast Internet helps
Pi 3 is terrible.

A repurposed tower i7 will probably beat the nuc with ease. ← recommended