Next Cloud and Next Cloud Talk System Requirement

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Dear Team,

We would like to get some suggestions?
I ran nextcloud on shared hosting, It seems it run fine on two user connection video call. I would like to know any server spec for shared hosting or nextcloud talk

Appreciate your prompt reply

hey and ho @zippy_digital

as this is the community driven forum with hundreds of volunteers asnwering there is nothing like a “team”… :wink: (aka “service-team”)

and if you want quick replies… it’s better to just search the forum (or manual) about hints regarding your question - as there are several threads/answers to it, already.

if you’d use the :mag: at the upper right corner you’d get quick access to some great answers.


Our view community as Team, working together and improving an opensource product

We do some research cant exactly find the answer that we are I looking for, we have several question running which we trying to some research

As we understand we need an 8gb RAM server for nextcloud talk for 20user and TURNserver.

We would like to know on shared hosting do we need turn server ?

as far as i know you’d need a paid nextcloud subscription to have more than like 3-5 ppl entering a video chat. devs say that a 20user chat would be impossible to realize with php and thus they would exchange a part of the code… the so called high performance backend setup.

see here -->

It isn’t really a matter of specs or bandwidth. The backend is inefficient. If you want large video calls, you will either need to pay for the proprietary spreed backend, or run another software alongside Nextcloud.

There was a post here recently where some people made an app to integrate BigBlueButton. I haven’t tried it. Also take a look at Jitsi Meet which is surprisingly easy to set up.

Ultimately what seems most likely to happen is the community will integrate a different optional backend for Talk because the basic stuff included can’t handle what you want.

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Thanks Jimmy on the reference.

Its seems, to host Nextcloud is not completely open source. Its some kind of freemium. Mostly Nextcloud want user to sign with its provider for hosting and pay montly/yearly subscription for nextcloud application like onllyoffice or etc.

From what I understand @zippy_digital it’s not nextcloud charging the fee but the backend provider charging the fee.

If you would like something different nextcloud is open source and you are free to modify the source code. If you do this please make sure you submit a pull request so the rest of the community can benefit from it.

Not so. When you install it, what you have is free open-source software. Spreed and these other companies sell things that can be added on.

it is completely open source. but that doesn’t mean anything for additional apps. there is a free version… which comes with limitations. and a premium app with no limitations— that’s not done by nc but by a 3. party.

right at the moment there are discussions and alphaversion of integrations of bigbluebutton and jitsi to be included to nextcloud. search the forum… i think BBB would be ready to release (though you’d need to install your own BBB-server somewhere)

if this isn’t enough, @Paradox551 is right - go and code… every help would be welcome

I believe the understanding is there, that Talk is not of much use outside p2p (one-to-one) communication. At least not in today’s environment when compared to standalone open-source packages like jitsi and bbb…

Frank even expressed interest in making Nextcloud work with bbb as an app…