Nexlcoud doesn't show page

I want to deploy nextcloud with helm on a kubernetes cluster (ip: I set the IP as a trusted domain with helm install nextcloud --namespace nextcloud --set nextcloud/nextcloud. In the config.php the IP is set as a trusted Domain. But when I try to load the page in firefox , it gets redirected to and firefox shows me an error, that the website redirects endless, so it cannot noad. What do I have to do to get nextlcoud working so I can finish setup and login? and/or is correct. Please post more details. E.g. firefox network analysis or a few screen shots. Do you use TLS/SSL?

I don’t use ssl.
To set up nextlocud I perfomed the following steps:

  1. helm install nextcloud --namespace nextcloud --set nextcloud/nextcloud
  2. kubectl apply -f nextcloud-ingress.yaml with nextcloud-ingress.yaml:
apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  name: nextcloud-ingress
  namespace: nextcloud
  annotations: /
  - http:
        - path: /
            serviceName: nextcloud
            servicePort: 8080
  1. I tried to load the page in firefox:
  2. And with curl:

I don’t really get what you mean with network analysis, so if you need it, please tell me how I can post it.

Thank you in advance

Setting a DNS name for the server and telling it nextcloud with the value fixed the problem. nextlcoud is now working properly