Nexctloud 11 failed to confirm administrator password

HI all.
I try to use nextcloud 11. After install nextcloud server i want to install application to allow ldap authentication.
I find the app and click Enable and see , after enter my password login windows will appear again and app didn’t enable. If I enter wrong password I see message that entered password is wrong.
I can’t install all apps, create users and change private policy for my email and phone.
Somebody faced a similar problem?

This seems to be affecting multiple people at the moment.

@LukasReschke is there an issue logged that you’ve seen for this?

At this moment only 1 user on system - it’s me.

@Kostik More than one user with Nextcloud 11, not on your instance. :wink:

It’s a bug? OK.
I’m waiting for fix it.

Did anybody report this issue on github? This is a requirement to get this issue fixed!

I didn’t see a similar looking issue for this so I opened

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