Nexctcloud Office vs. Collabora Office


is anyone able to help me understand what exactly the new Nextcloud office is?

Up to NC22 we had Collabora Office and OnlyOffice. Both are available for free with a limited amount of simultanous connections. When you need to have mor connections you need to buy a lifetime licence (onlyoffice) or a user-based-subscription (Collabora).

So now there is a new office: Nextcloud Office. - So where exactly do I place this on the overview map?

It is based on Collabora, and comes “free” with the NC23.

  • Will it replace Collabora?
  • Which server does the free version use? Or is the new office server integrated in NC23?
  • What are the limitations? Maximum amount of user working on documents in parallel?
  • What are the costs if you need more users working simultaneously?

Is there any official website / FAQ / docu regarding this?

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If its the same thing as since NC 20 you have the same connection limitation and works worse and is not that good maintained. If not otherwise specificly stated and you have already the dockers set up, I would keep that for now.

we use only office on a shared / public server. i just was confused because this looked like a huge announcement.

I must admit it’s a bit confusing and your questions are interesting.
I’d be willing to know more too if someone knowledgeable happens to bump onto this subject :slight_smile:

I’m as confused as you are.
Big announcement but no details anywhere…

True !!!

  1. Yes. But it’s still called Collabora Office. Also Nextcloud Office is only the frontend. You still have to use a Collabora server as a backend.
  2. You can either use the Built-in Collabora server from the Nextcloud App Store or the Collabora server from here…
  3. Not sure but I think it’s 10 or 20 users