NexcloudPi with namecheap Premium DNS

Looking for help on this.

so I have got my own domain from namecheap together with Premium DNS.

for some reason I couldn’t get it to work.
I tried with no-ip and DuckDNS both work fine, but couldn’t configure the DNS from namecheap.

Port 80 and 443 already forwarded.

total noob here, can anyone describe step by step how to do it?

They have also an option to use dynamic dns to update your IP:

If it works with no-ip or duckdns you can just create a cname entry to them from namecheap. But it’s a bit dirty because you use more services than really required (so you are dependent on two services).

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Thank you for the answer @tflidd , yes, good tip to link the two.

But first I was trying to have Nexcloud setup with their DNS, do you know where I can use the DNS password that is generated in namecheap? (the last screenshot in the link)

I am not sure, there are tools in Linux like ddclient, I don’t know what is used in NCP, they just have some default providers, you probably have to add the namecheap one. Normally it’s some kind of link/url, username and password or some token.

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