Nexcloud on premise for initial small 5 person one project team

For an upcoming project starting with just 3-5 person both internal and external, I was looking at a new collaboration tool.

As EU based company I was happy to know about NextCloud, but I really didn’t understand the options for on-premise installation.

Understand the Enterprise edition will be available on the cloud, but what about if I want to install i.e. the Ubuntu appliance.

Didn’t understand if I will I get all the features such as Talk or Collabora, if it’s equivalent to the atHome release, equivalent to the GitHub available release, will be possible to use the Windows / iOS / Android clients.

I understand the need for an Enterprise release with attached services, but for a small team I will see the benefit starting with something we can test locally with no service and timeframe commitment (also considering the fact the FOSS releases are normally adding value to the commercial one in term of testing, a huge cost for any sw vendor), before eventually expanding it to become the reference for all the new projects.

Searching and looking around I found various discussions regarding the Enterprise new direction, but I’m not interested entering into a do/don’t discussion, just to clarify what I can expect.

The Nextcloud GmbH itself does not offer any hosting services. So yeah sure you can install it on Ubuntu. Afaik Ubuntu is even the prefered platform. Also the features and plans listed here are support offers not hosting offers. It tells you for which features you can buy support, not what is actually gonna work from a technical standpoint. But it’s probably best to contact them directly if you want to know more about their Enterprise offerings…

For that number of users you have several options.
One of them is NextCloudPi (Official open source community projetc).

@bb77 from the price list I read about “Optional components” that are hilighted respect the Standard and not in the Basic option. Didn’t get if this mean are inside the price, or to add up.
@vascocb looking at that project I didn’t read anything about Talk or Collabora. Are these external plugins I need to manually integrate a pay for a further license.

Sorry, I did not explain correctly.
NextCloudPi is an appliance on-premise oriented.
Talk and Collabora are app’s installed from the Nextcloud app Store and they can be installed in NextCloudPi as in all options.
You can use Windows / iOS / Android clients and everything as in the other options.

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I would guess that the highlighted components are included. But your original question was if you could host Nextloud on premise. And that would be a yes. Matter of fact you have to host it yourself because Nextcloud does only offer support contracts. They do not offer cloud hosting or any other sort of hosting services.

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Thanks for pointing out, but to be clear my question was if - installing it on premise - in the installation was included also the Talk and Collabora (or anyway any document co-editing solution). From @vascocb answer seems I can install them as plugins, but I will need to pay their specific license.

If so the total price for Talk+Collabora license + the internal time (and so costs) in setting up and managing the whole thing will make more attractive the price of the Standard Enterprise license.

But if I’m pushed trough cloud service I will need to compare it with other options such as Mattermost, Notion or Confluence. Not that I’m happy with that option.

Ah ok. Not sure how it all works in detail with enterprise contracts and if the community forums can help you with that. Maybe it’s better to contact them directly… But do you even need enterprise support for your specific usecase with only five users?

I guess for 5 user should probably either the Nextcloud VM or Nextcloud AIO work which include features like the Talk HPB…

You can use the comunity “Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server” which does not require a commercial license.

Talk does not require a commercial license also

You can chose if you buy support from Nextcloud or not



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