Nexcloud News alternative for NextCloudPi

Now that Nextcloud News is no more, is there a preferred feed reader for NCP? It seems there’s just no alternative within NC. Miniflux looks good, but may be too complicated to set up. Is there a guide to set it up in NCP, so I can be sure to make it work and play nice with the system? Or is there another preferred solution?

NextCloud News was one of my primary uses for NCP and I’d like to keep using to keep me updated, if possible. I imagine more people will feel the same way.

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Huh??? What are you even talking about? The development is very active, new releases are pushed out regulary and the News app as well as its Android client are working quite fine for me…

I thought news is just not used any mir by default because it doesn’t run on 32 bit systems any more. If you have a 64 bit system it doesn’t matter.

They are no longer supporting 32-bit PHP and broke my install in the process. As far as I know, NPC is 32-bit, or at least all images were when I installed it, not long ago. It is or was common to ship only 32-bit images for Raspberry Pis, it’s not just NPC, and I imagine more people will be in the same boat. Even if NCP now ships 64-bit images (does it?) I don’t feel like reflashing, reconfiguring, restoring and deal with all the issues that can come up just for one app.

The answer for people on 32 bit is:

Run rss directly on your client device. Since the news app does not support sharing you’ll find no difference whatsoever.

Just backup / import the opml file and enjoy.

Sorry, not sure I understood what you mean.

All RSS readers, available on all platforms and operating systems, do provide option to use RSS locally. That means that your app/client would do the work online service does directly on the device (keep list of feeds, pull new items, allow for reading, etc). With OPLM files, which you can easily export/import, you can use the same feed list on multiple devices, or have possibility to store as backup.

Sure, that’s true. But certainly all NCP problems can be resolved by not using it. Presumably, if I’m starting this post, I see some value in organizing my feeds and would like to continue doing so, if possible.

Hi @sl89:

To answer your original question: No, there is no other News/RSS aggregator/reader app for Nextcloud. At least not in the Nextcloud App Store.

So you have two options:

  1. Use local apps on your client devices and import the omxl file manually as @just suggested. This of course offers no synchronisation between multiple devices, and no way to read the feeds in the browser and manage them centrally.

  2. Use another software for this purpose, which you install and use separately from Nextcloud. I use Afaik it still supports 32-Bit systems.

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Thanks, @bb77! I’ll look into FreshRSS.

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