Nexcloud Global Scale how-to: Global Site Selector (GSS), Lookup Server (LS) and the Balancer

Dear all,

As per official website, github and some other sources we possibly already have Global Scale tech since version 12, now on version 15 I haven’t found any single real usage case for that.

As per Frederik Orellana (DeiC) and Frank Karlitschek (Nextcloud) - Nextcloud Engineers:

“Global Scale consists of nodes while the interaction between users, nodes, shares
and the nodes themselves are managed by three systems: the Global Site Selector
(GSS), the Lookup Server (LS) and the Balancer.”

I’m trying to achieve global distributed Nextcloud solution - details here:

Any suggestions? Sadly I don’t have 6400EUR for enterprise subscription for custom consultation (we have about 200 users)


Such setups have often subscribed to enterprise support. There is no full documentation of these features and to get through, it would probably be the easiest you find others who want to do something similar and you document such a solution. On this forum are mostly home users who help each other out. Based on this idea of sharing information, you can’t just expect free support.

regards to your boss: 6400€/200 -> 32€ if your system doesn’t work for 1h he will be happy to have payed the support fee. at least after one or two days system down this 6400€ are peanuts compared to the damaged that outage caused to your company.

the code and readmes for the GLS and the LS you find on githup. the balancer is somehow missing. but.
the readmes of GLS and LS are to understand. so take three ec2s. run my playbook on two of them and install GLS (master/slave) on them. on the third you install the LS. if you haven’t a working config within half a day you won’t be happy without support.

“Open-source? Not free? What? Soo expensive!”

Not saying that @MarvinFS is like that, but that’s “common sense” amongst most users. :confused:

I totally agree, support is worth it in the end.

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Guys I DO understand everything! :slight_smile: And I TOTALLY appreciate support, moreover, personally, I donate as much as I can to several opensource projects, as I find it worth supporting…

Not all companies are the same though, may be EU companies (most of them actually as per my experience) do understand simple economics under the payment amount. I must admit it’s not the case for all the companies, especially for ME region (no offense here!)…

They just will not pay for what they don’t understand and what possibly will not work.
One thing is, when you have a working environment and something broke and you need to fix it fast with any means - then they would normally pay.
But R&D is completely different thing… clouds, opensource… .this is different.

If you have ideas for the marketing what they can offer to make it more interesting, they will be happy to hear.