Nexcloud as alternative to a local Windows files server

Hi guys,

I’m reading a bit about Nextcloud and I’m evaluating if it can replace a local Windows fileserver and do the job well. There is still posts that I’m reading and research so I’ll also add a bit of my findings here so it may make someone else research quicker.

Some of the questions I have that I would appreciated if someone can give their thoughts about:

1-Can it work as a good alternative to a local Windows file server?
2-Can it present a network drive as a regular Windows server?
3-Can I use security groups like in AD or use AD groups to secure files/folders?
4-Can I sync the files from Nextcloud to another Nextcloud instance, let’s say in a datacentre?
5-What about 2 tier scenario, local server for local users and then syncing data with an instance in a datacentre, users accessing files remotely access just from datacentre due to faster pipe in there
6-Can it offer global file lock for files in use? Let’s say I open a file locally on a mapped drive that is on
7-Nextcloud, if another use tried to edit that file can they know it is in use or locked?
8-Does Nextcloud offers any sort of raid capability or that is all left to OS and HW?
9-Is it any better or different than Egynite or O365 Onedrive? I’ve seen the comparison chart, but I was hoping someone has personal experience about this.

I’m trying to find alternatives to a classic fileserver, but also keeping control of the location of files instead of just “sticking in the cloud” attitude.

Any thoughts please? Thanks!