Nexcloud and blockchain

hello, I saw that nexcloud seem seeing some about blockchain, i saw some about it in storj Tardigrade

someone know if there are some news ?

If you see something somewhere, it would be nice to give us a link or reference.

this is the page

I saw that nextcloud is a partner

Noticed that too recently when configure external storage. Storj was one option, I haven’t tested it myself. Would be good to hear from someone who did. Storage on Storj is relatively expensive I figured out if you don’t provide storage. It is more a decentralised backup facility.

There was an announcement by Nextcloud some time ago:

For now, Tardigrade Cloud Storage can be plugged into NextCloud using the S3 storage backend. There isn’t native support for Tardigrade’s uplink CLI/API library yet, which means that a Minio S3 gateway is needed to translate S3 API calls from your NextCloud instance to store/retrieve objects on the decentralized Tardigrade network.

The privacy and security benefit of using Tardigrade is that all data is encrypted with AES-256 on the client-side using a passphrase that you exclusively know. This means that the data is invisible to the 30 decentralized storage nodes - each storing a shard of your data using Reed-Solomon erasure coding. According to Storj Labs, retrieving data from the Tardigrade network is 20% faster than Amazon S3, and the storage cost is $4.5/TB vs. $9/TB. But the service is still in beta.

You need an invite link to sign up, and for now, only the us-central-1 Satellite supports verifying your account by credit card (versus using the native Storj tokens). During the beta, each account is limited to 25 GB storage and 25 GB monthly bandwidth, and it appears the number of API calls are more limited than it will be in production as well.