Nexcloud 14 performance is veri slow

[Nexcloud 14 performance is veri slow"]

How ti increase or improve performa nextcloud 14,
i have problems when opening the menu, the application feels very long/slow.
the infrastructure specifications that I use are:
operating system: open suse 42.3
memory: 16 GB
Hardiks : 150 GB
CPU: 4 core
please helpme

On your hardware Nextcloud should run quite fast. (More than enough memory and cpu)

Is caching properly enabled? - You can check this with an phpinfo file but nextcloud also outputs warning in the administration panel if there is a config error.

Did you fine tune the number of workers of your web server and the php settings? There are settings that depend on your memory and cpu performance. I dont know how the link policies are here but there are a lot of good tutorials online if you search for “performance optimization” + your web server.