News reader app-- how to add rss feed from a site that doesn't provide an RSS feed?

For example: I’d like to have a rss news feed of this. Is it possible to make the News Feed app in nextcloud convert this URL to an RSS feed? If not, what can I do to get/create the RSS feed of that url?

The News app is an RSS /Atom feed reader, if a page doesn’t provide a RSS/ATOM feed, it’s not possible. But you can try to search for rss in the source of the page and use this URL in the news-reader
For your example you’ll find


As @amarillo wrote, it’s not the job of the News app to convert forums to the RSS format.
Nevertheless XDA developers in general seems to support RSS feeds, see for details.

Based on this information you could give this url a try:

Not sure I follow how to find that url in the source. I inspected the page (chromium based browser) which I believe is the page you found the rss feed on, and I checked the sources and I don’t see any url like the one you linked. Here is what I see:

What am I doing wrong?

use in the adressline: view-source:

There are 2 occurrences of “rss”

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="xda-developers RSS Feed" href="[external.php?type=RSS2](view-source:" />

<a href="[](view-source:" class="panel-social-target"> <svg class="iconz-social iconz-rss"><use xlink:href="[#iconz-rss](view-source:"></use></svg>

With this URL you get some new posts in nextcloud ex:

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