News: ONLYOFFICE integration app updated to version 7.2.0

What’s new:

  • ability to set a favicon for the editor page;

  • ability to restore document versions from the editor;

  • request for access rights when mentioning users;

  • editing via link only for authorized groups;

  • editing directly on the externally shared page.

ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.0 is no longer supported.

The new version is available in Nextcloud App Store.

I opened another discussion on this issue, but once I upgraded, I can no longer open any documents. I get the error:
The “documentType” parameter for the config object is invalid. Please correct it.
The documents in question were working fine yesterday.

Same Issue here!! I hope it is fixed fast. Tomorrow it will be hard! :o/


Same issue here: I can not open any xlsx, doc(x) document anymore. Please fix and update. Thank you !

You are replying to a news article in the forums.
Not sure if anybody of OnlyOffice is reading your comments.
You better get in touch with OnlyOffice or check for already filed issues at GitHub.

Hi @graphius63 , @sroesner , @virgul ,

Thanks for the warning!

I have the same issue, the only way to get OO working again is to restore a backup of my appdata.

I made a post on OnlyOffice forum about this, which you can follow here.


I have posted here how to manually downgrade the OnlyOffice app to v.7.1.2. Tested and works.

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@graphius63 @sroesner @virgul :

What version of OnlyOffice are you running? Every version up to 6.0 is not supported anymore, like stated in the releasenote. For me everything is working after the update.

That did the trick for me. I found, that I was using the OO docker from chvb, which is version After changing to the docker from Siwat2545’s Repository, I can upgrade OO to version 7.2.0 within NC without any issues. I use unraid 6.9.2, NC 22.2.0 stable and OO document server docker 6.4.

Hi @graphius63 , @sroesner , @virgul ,

I upgraded the Version to 7.2.0 and it works flawlessly.
However I do not know your setup.

In my setup (nextcloud community server and OnlyOffice integration app) it works,
so I can recommend updateing in this setup to users who might not have updated cause of this post.