News: limiting the feed for a day only

in Nextcloud 24.0.6
is there a way to teach the app news on the nextcloud server to load only a certain number, or better yet only the current day of a feed?
Background, sites that are very productive just generate too many feeds per day for me.
Example: services/rssfeeds/

Sadly, no. No filtering is supported in the News app. You’ll need to use something else, because it receives only the barest development for many years now.

I recommend FreshRSS, TinyTinyRSS or Miniflux. Or try to find an RSS client that adds this functionality, but none of it will be supported in the Nextcloud News server app directly.

Thanks for the tips!
I thought that already that it is not supported, I had the hope that I possibly overlook an option.

RSS has kind of fallen by the wayside because news sites these days are heavily dependent on you viewing the pages.

It’s too bad because I used to use RSS a lot myself.

Yes, there’s some truth to that.
But for non-commercial websites it is still very usable.
Ok then I just throw out the news or ignore the many unread messages :wink: