News doesn't update with NC 11

Hey there,

Just a note to mention that when I upgrade to Nextcloud 11, copy across apps/news and do occ upgrade, all the other apps upgrade fine, except news. News gives no errors but I can’t enable it in apps as it says it’s not compatible with NC v>10. I see the version is still old at 9.0.4, and I can easily manually upgrade it, but it begs the question of why all my other 3’rd party apps were upgraded by occ upgrade, but not news.

My guess is that’s because it’s not available on the old store

Deinstall News and install it from the Nextcloud-store, what should work in Nextcloud under apps after deinstalling the old News-app…

I’m running a fresh install of 11.0.1 and I can’t find News under “Apps”. There’s many other apps, and I’ve installed some successfully, but for some reason I can’t find “News”.

The docs refer to enabling “experimental” or 3rd party apps, but from reading other forum posts it sounds like that’s depreciated. Is there something else I need to do to enable the ability to install the News app?

Works for me if I run curl and experimental apps settings are indeed deprecated (they change nothing)

Bizarre, about 10:00 PM CST last night it showed up! :slight_smile:

Local cache expired maybe ;D