Newly installed nextcloud but not able to use calendar and contact app

i am new for next cloud and installed it on my hosting providers server on internet through Cpanel admin user.

I have enabled the mail and contact app in my next cloud and it is being shown as installed but I am not able to add any appointments or new contact in it.

When I try to add a new appointment in the calendar the box open and I entered all the details and pressed create button and it disappear and nothing happened and no message and no appointment is added in the calendar.

When I try to add a new contact it say contact could not be added.

Please guide how to proceed.


I have also encountered the same problem. I did not see your post yesterday and posted separately in the APP section of the forum - Calendar and Contacts not working on install using Softaculous

Please check your logfiles for more information and make sure your browser does not block some content (add blocker, js-blocker, antivirus, …).

Hey @tflidd,

There is nothing in my log files.

I have an adblocker but it is disabled on the nextcloud website.

I used the console for Firefox and saw the following errors. Not sure if they relate to the issue.

Deprecation warning: use moment.updateLocale(localeName, config) to change an existing locale. moment.defineLocale(localeName, config) should only be used for creating a new locale See for more info. core.js:1563:2834

Attempting to call a FullCalendar method on an element with no calendar.


Error: calendar-home-set could not be determind app.js:5113:11

Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. Resource URL: https://{mydomainurl}/nc/core/vendor/core.js?v=5176abb2-0 Source Map URL:[Learn More]

The only other indicator that something is wrong is when I try and manually create a contact or calendar entry (1 in picture) and message appears saying I need to create an address book or calendar. How is this done? I presumed it was done by the APPS when they were installed.

For the record, I have encountered the same problems whether using FireFox or Chrome.

Check your Mod Security on your WebHost.

I had an instance where I couldn’t load a contact in the web app, so I turned Mod Security off, and then reloaded the contact successfully. Something do with a PUT command in the script.

Of course, adding a contact via Thunderbid (with SoGo) or Smartphone (with DavDroid) worked without a hitch.

Actually there are issues with trying to import contacts from Thunderbird and Smartphone/DavDroid with ModSecurity set to active. I’ll look into it.

I have been looking into the process with the ISP and the developers of Softaculous the package manager in cPanel.

The short version is that when installing from scratch and installing the apps at the outset, the errors do not occur. So something seems to have broken as the various PHP, javascript, Apache or cPanel versions have updated over the years. As I don’t currently have a large file collection recreating a new instance and transferring the files to this new system is not a big issue for me.

So anyone else encountering a problem with a cPanel installation with Softaculous, try creating a new instance and see if the problem is resolved.

I hope this feedback helps.