Newbie Needs Help With External Storage

I’m new to Nextcloud and have a question about setting up two specific external storage services.

I want to setup Mega and Hubic as external storage, but neither service is offered as a built in external storage option nor do they have Webdav links. Although both services do have open APIs.

Has anyone successfully setup Mega or Hubic as external storage with Nextcloud or able to give me guidance on how to setup it up?

You can try to access MEGA with via FTP as external backend. I have not tested it, and dont know anything about the functionality :grin:

Would be nice if you could report back :wink:

You can try to mount hubiC with Fuse by mounting it into the users directory:

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try them out.

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Hi @TopDog5,
I have same problem has you and try to do exactly same… i failed with Hubic and Mega.
but i finally arrived with Dropbox and Google Drive
in the api, i had to add some inforamtions:
_I do follow some wiki here:
_then add this more: my_internet_address/nextcloud/settings/admin and same for personnal inside the dropbox API redirect URL, then come back to nextcloud for heck again ability to connect, have it green… fine !
_for google drive, take care about copy ID Client from google console development add space chars in front of the string and at the end (need to remove all spaces chars added by google stuff).
_for google drive, you also need to add in the google API full admin address access in URI redirection (yourAdress/nextcloud/settings/admin/externalstorages), if you not add this address in the API restriction authentication, it will failed to connect… then wait a little bit for this has to take effect (two minutes)

I’m steel searching for Mega and Hubic… i will find a solution soon for Hubic.

The idea is to use the “svfs” file system format ability from a package, and create an API with auth_token and auth_key for be able to mount containers (hubic has containers… this one used by his own web interface is “default”… others will not be show on web interface) on the OS server computer/system then hang it from nextcloud with webdav functionality
here is the link for svfs file system:

here is specific for hubic storage area:

i have nextcloud version 10 (last one) from archlinux AUR repo
My nextcloud is installed on a VPS and accessed with https SSL with letsencrypt (running fine).

I would be happy to find a solution, if you find before me, tell us, if i find before you i will share the solution here.
thank you @TopDog5, good luck