Newbie issues with adding hardrive and formatting it correctly


I’m really struggling. I’ve installed NextcloudPi 4 times due to various issues. I now need to use my external drive (8TB). I’ve tried formatting it on my Mac using GPT fdisk; however, it still isn’t being recognised. Can somebody give me the steps to

  1. Format the external drive (to the correct format)

  2. Mount it in Nextcloud

  3. Allow me to use it as storage?

At this storage I have none of my data on the drive.

Thanks very much in advance.

You have NextcloudPi running on a Mac? Or you run in on a RaspberryPi and you want to do the formatting in Mac?

I’ve managed to reinstall nextcloud using ncp-config.

It’s all working and the external drive is recognised - I just need the steps please to use this as main main storage device

NextCloudPi v1.54.2 is up to date
System load: 5% Up time: 1:25
Memory usage: 7% of 7.63G IP:
CPU temp: 49°C Usage of /: 3% of 233G
storage/: 1% of 7.3T

[ General system configuration (beta): armbian-config ]

Last login: Sun Jul 7 10:52:24 2024 from

You can find a list and descriptions for ncp-config tools here

And find ncp specific help topics and how-tos