Newbie: Checking the Storage Capacity and Mounting drives to increase Cloud Capacity

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie to NextCloud. So, please forgive if this question has already been answered before ! If it has, please kindly redirect me to the appropriate source/article.

I bought a mycloud a couple years back, but I decided to set up a cloud server with the raspbery pi I had lying around. I installed nextcloudpi and everything worked perfectly. I did have a bit trouble opening the ports and setting up the DNS, but I got that working after a while. Now I can access the pi inside and outside of my nextwork via the website and Iphone. I used a 64gb SD card I had lying around for the installation. Part of that was taken up by the installation. So, my actually capacity for the cloud is around 61GB.

This is obviously not enough for my needs and I want to eventually purchase a 2-4TB HDD/SSD that I would later connect to the cloud… I have been experimenting with the cloud and trying to mount an external drive. I checked the documentation on the websites, but they aren’t very helpful with respect to mounting USB devices.

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get my storage capacity to change. Also, does anyone know how to check the drives and their capacity connected via the web interface? I seem to be able to only view on my iPhone, but not in the browser or the desktop app.

Does anyone have an idea on how I can mount drives or increase my storage capacity ? I know that you can go into the settings and connect external drives, but I don’t know how to find the address of the drive. Any help would be most appreciated. I am no strange to the command prompt and don’t have problems doing it that way either.

Thanks so much in advance


you can use it as external storage to include it with the app for external drives.
But then you have to activate in the settings, that This should be integrate in the quota calculation.
I Do not Recommend This.

Or just move your complete data Directory to the external drives, mountet on OS layer. NC dont know it is a external drives.


thank you for answer, but I am not exactly sure what you mean.

Id not suggest using the external storage feature, nextcloudpi has a feature to format usb drive and move data directory to that drive afterwards, so you should be easily able to do this from within nextcloudpi webinterface (localip:4443)

The hdd will then be formatted in btrfs which means you can easily use btrfs tools via ssh to add more drives to the filesystem or make raid1 for redundancy

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Okay, more details on the second, recommendet approach:

You connect your usb drive and mount it (automatically). I‘m not familiar specially with nextcloudpi. Maybe your mountpoint is /dev/sda1.
Then you can format it like @FadeFx mentioned. Maybe it is already formatted.

After that just copy your actual data directory from Nextcloud on the mounted usb and tell Nextcloud in the config/config.php where the data directory is.
That’s it.

This way you append the new storage to the operating system, not specially to Nextcloud
The OS serves it via mountpoint and nc can use it that way.

Did that help you?

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Yes, that helps, thanks ! Is there a big difference between Nextcloud and Nextcloudpi ? I tried to do nextcloud, but I kept running into issues. Nextcloudpi seems a lot easier.

Nextcloudpi is mainly an interface to manage nextcloud…

Regarding the procedure, there is no need to do anything from the os level atm, no mounting, no formating, just connect the hdd (no other hdd should be connected) go to the web interface and use the format hdd feature

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ah okay, thanks, that’s what I thought, but I wasn’t exactly sure.