Newbe question: Who is the admin access?

Hi all,

I have a quick ‘Newbe’ quesion, maybe an easy one…

I have created a free account and I am logged-in via the browser.
When I look at the settings and then select Privacy, and then at the header “Who have access to your data/information”, at “Administrators” I see mentioned “admin”, which seems like a user, see attached screenshot.

My question:

  • Who is this “Admin” ? I that an person from NextCloud or the hosting party?
  • Is this an external person, meaning not myself?
  • Can I edit the “Admin” user?
  • Can I remove the access of the “Admin” user

Unless all above the “Admin”-user is myself, but then it is unclear I am also created as “Admin”-user within my own account…

Hope the community can clarify few things for me :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

I’d reckon it’s the admin account who runs the whole Nextcloud server.

For example, I host a Nextcloud server, which gets used by friends, etc. and for all their accounts, it lists my admin account under Privacy as having access to their data. I don’t actually see their data, but could probably reset their login data and then login as them.

So yes: it’s the admin of the server, not you.
You cannot edit the admin, unless you host a server on your own.

You cannot remove the admin.