New Win Desktop Client 3.9.4 freezes Explorer and Desktop App - Sync Start stuck in loop

After Update from 3.9.3 Client to 3.9.4 my PC react extrem slow and NC Client stuck in blue Tray Icon “…preparing for Synchronisation…” nothing happen / no progress.

Trying to open the Win Explorer stuck in no reaction - till first open it costs minutes.
After that Win Explorer acts extremely slow and every click become leads to a long waitimg time.

During runtime Windows, the tray of NC Desktop client turns grey (Conn Lost) and after a few moments returns green → to blue and process “…wait for Synchronisation Start…” starts a new round.

Uninstalling 3.9.4 → downgrade to 3.9.3 solved the problem. Please investigate what’s maybe wrong with the 3.9.4.
I don’t have any logs in Windows or NC Server i can post here, sorry.

I tested this behaviour on 3 diff Windows PCs (2x Notebook with Win11 and another one with Win10)

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Is there any setting to supress the nerving window with the hint to a newer Desktop Client Version each time Windows starts?

I already have untagged the setting in NC Client to automatically look for a new version but with no effect.

My probs are maybe related to this

on github they wrote that the tray switches between green and sync icon … in my case it also switches between green / blue /grey …and repeat

And on github we have 2 posters with diff OS (like in my case i see this behaviour on Win10 and Win11 same way)

We’re facing the same issue on 8 computers with Windows 10. When Next Cloud is running, we can’t use the folders properly. The Next Cloud icon in the taskbar goes from grey (connection lost) to green, then blue. After that, it seems to start syncing again.

There are two solutions:

*Download the beta version and restart your computer. You can get it here:
Index of /desktop/prereleases/Windows
*Or, go back to version 3.9.3:
Index of /desktop/releases/Windows

Have a great day!

finally the rc3 seems to bring NC Desktop to it’s way back into the game …

so awaiting the stable of the 3.10.0 Version to re-fill my deployment softpool :slightly_smiling_face:

When it’s working in my environment i will mark this thread as “solved”.
Thanks for reply