New user registration process

Ok, so it looks like the developers of the app didn’t necessarily keep security in mind with some of these features.

At the moment, when it comes to user registration, you have to create another user’s password and then what, email their password in plaintext to them?

What I want to do is simply create a username and have the app send them an email, inviting them to register and choose their own password. It would be nice if I could pre-assign them permissions to a folder too.

I did see the “Registration” app, but this app completely left security out of mind. Why does it specifically tell you what domains are permitted? That’s like trying to login to Gmail and Gmail telling you “Sorry, wrong email. Here’s a list of emails that we have registered.”

Sorry, a little frustration and spent a decent bit of time setting up a server just to run Nextcloud along with SSL, so I kind of expected a lot more.

Any suggestions on actually using Nextcloud to securely create new accounts and delivering the message to the users?


from what i’ve seen, when you create a user, if you fill in an email but leave the password field blank it will send them an invitation email and let them choose their password.


guess I’m pretty late to the party but anyway :slight_smile:

With a bit of php editing you can alter the message, the registration app spits out, when you enter an invalid domain:

  1. Go to /nextcloud/apps/registration/templates
  2. There you’ll find “domain.php”
  3. In this file, remove the for-loop, which prints the domain names
  4. Save and et voilà it’s done