New tutorial: Developing a complete app with a navigation bar and database

Hello dear Nextcloud developers,

We have published a much-requested tutorial on developing a complete app including a navigation bar and database!

You can find the tutorial here:

In this tutorial you will learn how to develop a complete app. We will be developing a basic app for taking notes. In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to create a standalone app with a navigation menu
  • How to use the database
  • How to extend Nextcloud’s API with your app’s endpoints
  • How to export data that is stored by your app in the database to a file

I’ve also added a small tutorial on basic app development troubleshooting. This documents how to restart your development environment, how to access your log file, and how to access your browser console. It’s quite short at the moment but I thought it would be good to have this information somewhere available. You can find this also in the tutorials folder.

All the best :sunny:


Thank you very much for this interesting tutorial. It helped me a lot to implement my first nextcloud-app. I would be interested to read an extended tutorial about sharing notes, translating the app and publishing an app.
What is the licence of the source code in the tutorials?

Thank you for the tutorial. Question, why are some tutorials provided on Github, e.g. Notestutorial and why are some tutorials provided in the Files - Nextcloud app development tutorials final link? I’m just getting my feet wet with Nextcloud and I’m trying to get the “Where things live” mental picture sorted out.

Is it just some are personal verses “official” tutorials? Sorry for the noob question…

Hey, good point, the Notestutorial you found is legacy. We will plan on removing the old stuff

Great to hear! I will forward your feedback to see if we can do something there. For translating the app, you might be interested in this documentation: Translation — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation

For publishing an app, see: App Developer Guide — nextcloudappstore 2.0.0 documentation

I’m happy wherever they live, and so long as they provide correct info, old-info is still good info. But if the use of Vue, etc… has changed, then I’d rather not reinvent the wheel – twice :)

And thank you for the link! I just need to write a small accounting module that will keep pricelists and allow time and expense tracking on a per-project basis. Will likely have to write the project interface as well to associate tasks, notes, calendar events, etc… to a single project ID to track costs associated with a project. More for personal use, but who knows.

yeah the old tutorial you found is dated for Vue. It’s better to use the new tutorials on it. I’ve asked a member of my team to clean it up when he has time. Happy coding for your accounting app!