New Synology Insall - How to access externally?


I’ve installed Nextcloud on my Synology NAS. I’m now at the setup screen via local IP. I’d like to finish the setup using an external address, but I’m not sure how to access it? With Synology, I can assess the NAS using the QuickConnect Link, or the DDNS link. But I can seem to get either of them to access the Nextcloud install.

Anyone familiar with Synology? Any advice would be appreciated.

I too have Nextcloud installed on my Synology NAS. I can access it externally. There are a few things to do to enable this. Some you may have already done so excuse any repetition.

Firstly you need to go into your router settings and forward port 80 to your NAS. That will allow you to create the certificate below. Then you need to forward an external port to port 443 on your NAS. I use a four digit port number to use externally. Ultimately I can use where xxx is my Synology DDNS username and yyyy is my chosen port as forwarded above.

You then need a Letsencrypt certificate for your DDNS address.

To force https through .htaccess go to your nextcloud installation folder and edit config.php in the config folder. Find the overwrite.cli.url value and change the http to https.

‘overwrite.cli.url’ => ‘’ ,

You will receive dire warnings from the community about opening your Nextcloud instance to the wider internet. It is a risk and you can harden up your security. I am happy to take the risk - none of my data is critical and I could easily start over if necessary.

I hope this helps. I used a tutorial at and I contributed some information in the comments under the username ‘phillip’.

Thank you for the help. I’ve moved on for now as my Synology NAS is giving me a hard time in a few other areas. I now have Nextcloud installed on a machine running Linux Mint, with Snap. Working on configuration now.