New PC copy old NC folder to new PC

After installing a new computer, I would like to use a backup of my old NextCloud folder to populate the new NextCloud folder instead of downloading everything again. I am a home user and I have a data cap on my internet plan so I would like to save the total data I am uploading from my house.

When I tried this, NC disregarded that the files were already present and downloaded them all again.

I see someone already asked this question last year but it never got a response.

I’m not sure what the other person tried that failed. Maybe you could link the post?

I don’t know if this will work, but if the issue is file timestamps, you could use robocopy to maintain the original timestamps.

Here is the original post.

I use FastCopy which does preserve the timestamps, but this does give me a clue as to what to look for. I don’t know what metadata NC uses to decide if a file needs to be synced but I’ll look there. Thank you!