New NextCloud Setup

  1. Host system is FreeNAS (BSD based)
  2. I’ve made a new iocage with NextCloud
  3. My previous NextCloud used MariaDB
  4. Is the text in this image telling me MariaDB is installed?


  1. If not, how can I install the latest release (10.3); if installed, how can I update it?
  2. If I map my new NextCloud iocage db and file directories to my previous locations, will the data get destroyed one way or another?

No sarcastic responses, please.

It tells you that it is installed

I do however think that your questions are better asked at the FreeNAS forum. This forum has a lot of people knowledgeble in how Nextcloud works, but you will find more/better help about FreeNAS specific questions there. With luck, you might even get help from the creator of the plugin you are using.

Ok, good to know it’s installed. Next question:

Am I safe to map my database and files locations to the ones made by my previous NextCloud installation?

If no, whats the best way to get my data into my new NextCloud install?

If you use the server-side encryption of Nextcloud, this will mess up everything. If not, it can work, check also the howtos on how to change the data folder, it could be required that you change the data-folder location in the database as well.

Server-side encryption is not checked off
Encrypt the home storage is

As far as the database and storage locations go, don’t I just need to map that in the mount points for the iocage within FreeNAS?

I know my database username and password and the MariaDB root password… and obviously my login.

Edit: Is it possible to clone my data to my new installation?