New NCP old data disk

Hi all…

So I have had NCPi on an SD card and a separate HDD with everything on it, database, users and data, swap, everything, including a daily back up of everything that I could so I have everything I need, hopefully to get going again in the event of a crash…

I did a NCpi update and the SD card failed so I was not able to boot into NCpi so I just downloaded and rebuilt a new SD card with NCpi on it…

I bet you all know whats coming next…?

Yes I would like to connect the new SD install to see my HDD and get back up again. This is what I did…

Once I set auto mount I was able to see the HDD drive and see all the data was there. Good.
I then nc-restored to the last back up on the HDD. Good
I saw database etc being restored. Good
I rebooted and sure enough my login screen came up and users could log in. However the top bar did not show any of the apps non, just an empty bar. The files view was also empty.

I tried both the NCpi configuration restore and nc-restore.

What did I miss?
Also if you do a full restore is the ncpi configuration in that back up or is it still separate?

Has anyone done a successful restore of old data with a new SD install?

Have a great day


if the data is not in the backup, then you have to either upload the files again, or copy them to the new data directory and run nc-scan