New instance and newbie with permissions issues?

I’m a NextCloud newbie and have set up my first instance. As part of the learning I’ve been trying to move data to an Ext4 partition on a data stick, which I eventually achieved.
Unfortunately as part of the trial and error I seem to have created multiple instances on the USBdrive (4), plus I can see the other partitions I set up initially.

I’m now having a problem uploading data into the instance and think it may be a permissions issue.

  1. How can I check which USB data is in use?
  2. How can I check the permissions of the data folder?

Thanks very much for your help.

Sorry but i think that all makes no sense.
It is not a good idea to use an Ext4 partition on a data stick.
Do you use it for external storage? Please post your settings.

Why do you not use normal storage for your nextcloud.
And then sync all data with e.g. Linux Nextcloud client to a Linux client and then to an USB stick?

Also you can make backups from your Nextcloud. Not tested:
rsync -av /path/to/your/nextcloud/data/username/files /path/of/your/usb-stick

Also read backup and restore.

But please: Do not add your USB to your Nextcloud storage. Thanks.

I dont usually use Ext4 on a USB drive but as this is by way of an external storage drive I went with it.
USB drives are ‘normal’ storage, external HD’s take up too much space - why do you suggest not using them? I do not want the data on the same drive as the OS…
TBH the data on the USB can be replicated, but that won’t solve the problem and is likely to result in me replicating the error - hence my post.
So aside from starting over what are you suggesting?

Oh, maybe I should add this is on a Raspberry Pi4, hence external data drive…

So, further investigation revealed it was the Nemo fs causing the problem and blocking the uploads not a permissions thing.

All sorted - I’m marking as complete for others to review as the community support model needs to built up - the consequence of a new(ish) fork I guess…