New Install Login Frustrations

I am just entering some comments here for those that may find the process frustrating.

My install is Centos 7.2 and php71w, all the mods, using session files rather than redis (for simplicity setting up initially). SElinux enforced. Applied the suggestions from the web site.

I was going to install 11 but then figured I may as well install 12. beta 2.

Anyway, Apache 2, PHP 7 (obviously), Postgresql 9.2. Once I got the ‘remote’ access to the database figured out the next problem was getting the admin user created and the tables using the Install Wizard. A super pain in the neck because the error reporting (ident, peer) doesn’t seem to be that accurate.

Then I could connect to the database and it would tell me it couldn’t create the user.

In any event, after much messing with database access, I got it to work, created the admin user and then couldn’t login.

The error log messages were useless, even on debug. All the system would do was accept my login and password - correct or incorrect, and just flip back to the login screen, no error messages.

Centos 7 uses /var/lib/php/session to store the session (session.path). Even though this directory was writeable by the httpd daemon nextcloud would not write a session until I changed the ownership of the directory to the user running httpd.

Once I did that, login was fine.

More to come…