New install Internal Server Error

Im having trouble with installing nextcloud for the first time and i cant figure out why it doesnt work.

I followed the install guide on nextcloud website for a manual install except for the apache part since im useing nginx. But there is a code available for nginx so i just copied that and i change the location and domain name and php-handle for php7.0 instead of 5.0.

Everything seems find but when i try to go do i get a white page saying ā€œInternal Server Errorā€ in the top left corner instead of the web install wizzard.

I tried downloading owncloud and if i only change the location in the nginx config (which is from nextcloud website) to owncloud instead of nextcloud, the site pops up flawlessy. But i rather have nextcloud then owncloud :wink:

Any idea what the problem is?