"New Folder" AND actual folder (Win Client)

Hi there,

I’ve encountered a strange behavior with the “New Folder” function on Windows 11 Pro. Every time I create a new folder using Windows Explorer (e.g., right-click, then select ‘New’), I end up with two folders instead of one. One is the default “New Folder”, and the other is the folder I renamed during the creation process. So, in the end, I have two folders: “New Folder” and “my folder”. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Thanks a lot.

Nextcloud version:
Nextcloud Client: 3.12.1 (no difference if “virtual” or “download” client mode)
Operating system and version: Win 11 Pro

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Windows 11 right click “new folder” inside a Groupfolder
  2. immediately giving the “new folder” a name and hit Enter
  3. voila: 2 folders… “New Folder” AND “my folder” :confused:

I expect this issue to be fixed in next version

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ah, thanks for the link. hope too. :slight_smile:

This issue will be resolved by updating to version 3.12.3