New files from server 2 levels deep on share wont sync

We have external storage folders, pulled from a Windows file server.
When installing the Windows sync client, all files and sub folders of a “share” is correctly downloaded.

However, after the initial sync we have an issue:
Any changes made serverside below two subfolder levels are not synced by the client. Files and folder changes above this level is correctly synced. This is consistent across mulitple external storages and clients.

So, changes down to this level are correctly synced:
\External storage\01 Folder\02 Subfolder*
While changes from and below this level is only initially downloaded:
\External storage\01 Folder\02 Subfolder\03 Subfolder*

If there are “pending” changes on the server, and you then locally (client side) make any other change to the affected subfolder level - create a new folder, create a new file etc - then the server side changes are detected by the sync client and correctly updated.

Also, if you uncheck the sublevel from the client sync (selective folder sync), and then check it and apply again, all server side changes are updated.

Forcing a sync does not help on this issue. Also, server side changes above the affected subfolder level are still correctly synced so the client is updating. If you remove the account or reinstall the sync client, all files and subfolders are correctly synced on the next initial sync. So the client is able to access the files, it just doesn’t update changes below the second subfolder level.

The external storages are set with “check for changes [Once every direct access]”.

Is this a bug in the sync client, is there some faulty indexing, or is there some config missing?

Tested with Windows Sync client ver. 2.3.2 (build 1),
Nextcloud version 12.0.2 on Centos 7 with Remi PHP 7, Windows 2008 file server.

My system has the similar problem, but the files in the folder not completed un-synced, some files synced but some are not.

My server running on Ubuntu Server 16.04 Nextcloud 12.02
Windows Client:

The file that is not synced, it is not even uploaded to server, is created by shared-client (not the owner of the folder. The file is placed at the folder shared to the client at the 3rd level depth.

I am going to try using owncloud’s windows client version 2.3.3 and see if it works.

Should we reported this to github bug report, or this will be automatic channeled to the developer’s site?

We have tried with the Owncloud sync client, and it is the same problem.

One of you needs to raise an issue on GitHub to address this.

Could it be ?

The NC client is a rebranded OC client, best put the issue there :slight_smile:

Just a slight bump: I’m on version 2.5.1git, and seeing this problem. When copying in a tree of directories, the client does not sync anything other than the directory names, and then only for the first level. I have to manually copy in the directories individually. I’ve followed the relevant issues listed in this thread, but while each appears to be marked resolved, I’m not seeing resolution locally.

Hi guys,
I think i found the solution you need to add a line to the /appdata/roaming/nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg file, which will fully scan, in my example every half minute, the default would be 3600000 which is 1 hour