New feature requests (download offline)

Offline downloading does not mean disconnected downloading, I don’t know how to translate it, I try to explain it from the user’s point of view. We know that some websites limit the download speed from the server, so we have to keep the browser or computer running at all times. Or torrent files or even ed2k, their speed depends on the upload network speed of the current file user, I think if Nextcloud supports the user’s self-built network disk service to download these files (slow single-thread http/torrent/ed2k) then it can be unattended, in fact, many commercial network disks have this function, such as Baidu network disk, Xunlei network disk etc.

Hope to join the feature as soon as possible, thank you!

http download is already supported. Unsure what you are requesting. Sounds like you are hoping for some sort of p2p sharing, but cannot tell from your examples.

Any nextcloud download will require the server be online at all times.

Hi. Sorry i do not understand your feature. But maybe you are interested in the apps Transfer (Nextcloud 24), ocdownloader (not Nextcloud 24, but maybe works in Nextcloud 24). Also you can sync files to your Nextcloud clients or use Nextcloud Federation to exchange files between Nextcloud servers without download/upload to a client. What do you really need.

Please explain your issue in an example.