New developer needs some help

Hello nextcloud community. I hope this is the right place to ask; i am a new developer and I want to contribute to your android app. I have built the app on Android Studio, but I wanted some pointers as to where I could start contributing, as a relative noob with Android. Thank you!

Did you have a look at the issue in the github repo:

Thanks for the answer! I did take a look, but most look a bit out of my league, so I wanted some help with where I could start. Maybe an easy issue you have in mind, so I can help, even with something small.

@nick7 welcome! There’s issues labeled good first issue specifically for this case! :slight_smile: Lots of small things which are easier to get started with.

And if you have any questions, @tobiasKaminsky and @Andy are the people to ask – best directly in the relevant issue. :slight_smile:

Hi @nick7 and welcome!
Like @jan said feel free to start the discussion in one of the issues - we are here to help. :slight_smile: