New christmas release version 1.0.1 🥳

New release of the Radio app for Nextcloud available with many fixes and translations, more in the changelog :gift: Get it in the Nextcloud app store :partying_face:


Changes are:


  • Support prepare a release with Krankerl #200 @onny
  • CI: Automatic releases based on version tags #205 @onny
  • CI: Besides source, provide prebuild tarball in Gitlab releases #215 @onny
  • Parse and supply changelog to Gitlab release #216 @onny
  • Add German translation #190 @onny
  • Publish releases to app store using make #218 @onny
  • CI: Add code signing to the release #217 @onny
  • CI: Add testing stage, enable app and code check #212 @onny


  • Add AGPL headers #206 @onny
  • Support older browser CSS with autoprefix #208 @onny
  • Fix build and packaging with Gitlab CI #118 @onny
  • Update screenshot.png #213 @onny
  • More verbose app description for app store #220 @onny
  • Fix loading dashboard #203 @onny
  • Compile language files in make process #226 @onny