Network error 302, server replied: not found, Desktop client Windows


Created an account to say that I was having this same issue when trying to sync some files over to Nextcloud via the client on Windows. They were all 1.4GB iso files. Some would sync, and some would give the dreaded “server replied: not found” error and fail to sync. I am running Nextcloud on a Truenas installation using the freenas-iocage-nextcloud script.

I looked around everywhere to find the solution to this error and people seemed to have the same issue and no fix was found. Frustrated, I right clicked on the syncing folder and chose “free up local space”. The syncing somehow became much more consistent after doing that, so try it if nothing else helps.

I was able to fix it:

  1. on a PC with Nextcloud Desktop Client installed:
  1. on the server:
max_input_time = 86400
max_execution_time= 86400

Finally it worked!