Net Worth App - Looking for programer

Hi all,
I have an idea for a ‘Net Worth Tracker’ app that I would like for Nextcloud (and haven’t found any exisiting, really), but I have no programing skills, so looking for a programmer interested in building this with me. I can suggest what it would do, specify the calculations, propose how it would look like and do translations (FR-EN-ES). But the magic behind this is beyond my skills.

Quick teaser: if you start buying your home and/or have one or 2 savings accounts, maybe a retirement plan, but still a loan on your car,… where do you keep track of all this and have a holistic view ? How do you assess your risk globally and know what to do if something goes wrong ? How is this changing over time ?
If you’re a family, most probably, one manages this entirely, the other(s) relying on you. What if something happens to you ? How do you make sure you protect your family by them getting easy knowledge and access to where your savings are?

The app would ambition to address all this, saving the data on - what better than - your personal NextCloud.

If, this has raised any interest, please contact me !
Thank you !