Nesting external storages

Hi, i don’t know if i am in the right category but here is my question.
Right now i am using nextcloud as a proxmox container with an hdd as storage.
In the next days, i want to reinstall nextcloud and only use external storages(multiple smb shares). As for that, i want to use my “data” share as root for my user and add an folder like “nas” and add there my other shares, like backups, movies, programms and such. Is that possible or do i get some problems when nesting external storages in nextcloud such as copying files from the nested shares to the share in root folder or deleting files?
My main goal is to reduce the need of syncing client on my main devices in my local network and reduce the duplications of data(which i have right now by using a hdd in nextcloud and also using as nas for long time copies and storing the main data in the nas and only a copy with less files on nextcloud(like iamge folders but without the raw files))

I do not know if there would be a problem without primary storage. But in the first step you can set perhaps the quota for some users to 0 byte. Then you can perhaps remove or minimize the primary storage in the next step.