Nested external storage mounts


I just finished setting up my first (home) server: it’s a nextcloudpi instance on top of omv, behind a reverse proxy managed by an independent raspberry pi.
I plan to use the samba shares as external storage in nextcloud.

The main goal of this setup is to centralize and backup the data of the whole familiy

My question:

Can I mount nested external storage smb shares?

I have a samba shares for user1_home and user2_home, and another samba share photos for photos shared among all family members.

Can I mount the user1_home user2_home in / (for the right users in nc) and the photos share in /photos?

In this way, I force the use of nas storage.

It works.
However, in this way, I’m mounting a samba share inside another samba share.
Is it a viable solution? Will it be reliable? There are better configuration alternatives?

This is a reliable solution, afaik.

I’m doing it comparable to you but I’ve made the root storage read only and mounted the home folders to their specific name so that the root folder remains as clean as possible.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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How did you make the root storage read only?

Just mount an empty local external storage folder to all users and name it /. Then you can adjust the access rights and make it read only.

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I see! Thanks

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