NEIM Corporation, a pharmacy operator in Japan

We are a company that operates pharmacies in Japan.
In Japan, there is a system in place to manage medication data on the cloud and allow patients to view it at any time.
Many companies have developed apps for viewing this data.

We have developed an application that allows patients to view their medication data using Dropbox.
In the future, we will switch the storage location of medication data from Dropbox to Nextcloud, and
In addition to medication data, we would like to provide medical institutions and patients with digital data on medical care by adding test histories and other data.
What do you think about this kind of system?

This topic might be of interest for you: Brainstorm future of the Health app

We have developed an application that allows patients to view their medication data (Medication Notebook Family) and an application that sends A1C data directly to patients via SMS (A1COK) using Dropbox.

Medication Notebook App


In the future, we would like to use Nextcloud to provide a service that allows each medical institution to share patient data.
We would like to check if there are any documents or websites that we can refer to in order to build such a system.


Unfortunately, I am not able to read Japanese, so I cannot read the provided links by you.

The same statement as in my first post is still true. You might want to have a look at the health app. There are potential plans that sound reasonably like your use-case.

If you are looking instead for a fully customized solution, you can create an app on yourself. There are various sources on how to get that going (from the technical perspective at least) here:

I hope that helps you at least to get a first step. If you have more concrete questions or issues feel free to come back!