Need to hire someone to install and setup

I am not very tech savvy with installation of this platform, I need some assistance to setup and configure to help with my clients and keep privacy among users as each client account will need to be invisible to others on my server. I am also needing help to setup folders only visible to those users. from the standard setup I can see how to do this.

we would like to have a s3 bucket linked for all the data to keep costs down as local servers are not an option due to very slow bandwidth speeds.

if anyone offers a setup service please let me know

Hello Paul,

This may be a very late reply for you…but in case you are still looking.

I would suggest you use Symmcom - for assistance. They can help you install Nextcloud on your own hardware and they also can host Nextcloud for you if you prefer.

I’ve been using Symmcom for years to support our small office and I can confirm that their support is excellent. I’ve never had a problem with them and I fully trust them.

Good luck!