Need mentor for GSOC Project

I am a Computer Engineering student and I am very passionate about open source development. This year I am planning on doing Google Summer of Code with gnome maps. The idea which I am gonna work on is “Syncing gnome maps with Next Cloud”.
So the main objectives of this project will be

  1. To allow sharing of various place categories like favorites,visited,want to visit among different devices.

  2. Searching among shared locations
    I have contributed to different gnome projects before, but I have never worked on anything related with OwnCloud or NextCloud.But I am very eager to learn about it and get started on contributing to gnome-maps.

Marcus (Gnome-Maps maintainer) has already agreed to mentor, I need mentor from nextcloud also.

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this sounds like a nice project. We have a maps app, but it has been a bit slient around development there So for a proper gnome integration the app sill lacks of a proper API to store locations in lists for example.

@jan Didn’t wee discuss about moving this forward at the contributor week? Also with the integration of the PhoneTrack app?

@Scott1 Maybe you can give us some more details about the project you have planned.

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Yes, I realized that nextcloud/maps is not very active. Is there anyway of moving forward without a proper API there?
About project:
1)Different categories like favorites,visited,bucket list, etc will be available.
2)OSM services don’t allow for auto-search completion, but auto-search among
user’s places can be provided.
3)All of these categories will be synced across devices, these will be integrated with existing functionalities like finding route,distance between two points,etc.
4)Recent Searches,Routes,maybe relevant offline maps can also be synced
5)NextCloud Login can be handled through gnome online accounts.

If someone from nextcloud is willing to mentor, I can work on to create proper nextcloud/maps API
as part of summer of code. Having proper nextcloud/maps API will be great, not only for this project
but otherwise also.

So project can consists of two phases:
1)Developing proper maps API
2)Integrating that in gnome-maps.
I will appreciate any ideas/suggestions,

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Good stuff @Scott1! Saw your email before the forum thread here, but let me cc @rullzer @MorrisJobke and @eneiluj here as well! :slight_smile:

Gnome Maps is pretty awesome, but a working web application would be quite useful to look at all the things synced to the server while on the go for example and where a desktop client with Gnome Maps installed is not available (which is, sadly, the case on almost all platforms except GNU/Linux and it is probably not installed there too often either) .

Maybe @v1r0x can help out a bit too?

Hi everybody!

I just started to scratch the dusty surface of the maps app :wink:. I’m working in the rework-eneiluj branch. The map is now working with a few plugins and tile providers.

@juliushaertl We agreed with @jan that reimplementing the essential features of PhoneTrack in the Maps app would be enough, at least for now. Maybe the full featured PhoneTrack (who said too much?:smile:) does not fit in a general Maps app…

@Scott1 Let’s talk about the API and features that would be required in Maps app to fit what you want to do in Gnome Maps. Maybe an issue in the github project would be the right place to talk.

It would be nice to know what @v1r0x thinks about all that too.

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That’s really good to hear. I have created an issue

We can start discussing various requirements and features.

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