Need Ideas Flameshot (similar lightshot) screenshot utility, upload to cloud and get share link

I recently learned of Flameshot, its a very cool screenshot utility that you can annotate and upload to imgur, all straight from the tool in a very efficient manner (not wasting time)

I got thinking it would be cool to use it to upload to nextcloud. The tool Flameshot is for linux but looks inspired from lightshot which is available for Mac/Win

I found various related topics but nothing directly Flameshot+Nextcloud

Another idea is to mount the drive that Nextcloud uses on my system, then I could directly save the files there, but then theres the issue of indexing the files and creating the share link.

I am not really sure that anybody has figured out this exact solution, its mostly just an idea.

I am here on the dev forum hoping to get ideas from those more familiar with nextcloud’s inner workings.

I have some coding experience, but when you first start working with somebody elses code it takes a little while to figure out what does what before you get much done.

appreciate any information on ideas for the best way to handle going from a Flameshot Screenshot to Nextcloud upload.

Obviously, I currently save the Flameshot screenshot to my home folder, then I load up nextcloud in a browser, drag and drop the file to nextcloud, check the box for create link, set the expiration for one week, copy the link to my clipboard.

Would be great to just hit the upload to cloud button in Flameshot, have it upload to Nextcloud, shared with a link that expires in 1 week, and that link be copied to my clipboard.

Then all im doing is saving a screenshot with the tool then pasteing the link over chat to friends/colleagues