Need help with Diagnosis Internal server error 2 weeks after 20.02 update

Hello all
I need help with some preliminary Diagnoses. My Nextcloud install has run without any issue starting with version 18.04 through now at 20.02 for 8 months on Ubuntu 20.04.
I ran periodical Nextcloud backups and ubuntu backup.
The first time I saw this error I was shocked and thought it was a hardware issue because it gave no warning, I found out my OS drive which Nextcloud is installed was mysteriously full for no reason, I had a previous install which Nextcloud which did crash the server from a bloated log file. I performed an auto-remove which cleaned out about 145 Gb and then rebooted. Nextcloud still had the 500 internal server error until the next day and then started running fine again. I watched all the system resources with several browser pages open and test videos playing never made a dent in performance.

Nextcloud has crashed this time after 4 days of constant use. I found Apache2 had an error after running: sudo systemctl status apache2 I tried restarting Apache no luck.
I had to reload: /etc/init.d/apache2 reload got me the green active.
MariaDB status Active.
I have a lack of knowledge and need help with how to retrieve the Nexcloud log. also if possible how to retrieve and run my backups from the command line.
Thank you.

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The only solution was to repair Apache2, Mariadb, and Redis. All data was saved.