Need help to setup TURN server in Docker for Synology NAS


I need help to setup a TURN server for Nextcloud Talk for calls between callers behind different types of NAT. I realized after trying to call someone on my Nextcloud instance that was on the LAN while I was on cellular network that no video or audio was coming through even though the call seemed to have established. It seems a coTURN/TURN server would be the right solution.

My hardware is a Synology DS918+ NAS with DSM 6.2.2 running docker for Nextcloud 16.0 image. I already have the Nextcloud Talk app installed so the function is available to all users on the instance.

I’ve tried to find documentation to setup coturn server for docker to work with Nextcloud Talk but couldn’t find anything that was specific. I also tried to configure a few popular images from the registry but couldn’t get them to work so I’m hoping someone can lend a hand. My goal is to get a coturn server docker image to work on my Synology NAS so I should need the following:

  1. Image name (I’ve attached a list of the top coturn server results)
  2. Mounting path - for docker image path to be locally stored on NAS
  3. Network ports to be redirected to docker image
  4. Any other environmental variables to include
  5. Any configuration changes needed to be made in coturn server config file


IMHO you should only modify the neccesarry ip addresses in /etc/turnserver.conf and set the config in your internal nextcloud setup. BTW install a tool like nmap in your docker images to be shure that the different containers can be talk over te relavant ips/ports.