Need help to get webserver logs for newest version of Nextcloud AIO

I am running the latest version of nextcloud AIO on a VirtualBox VM on Windows. I have a program running on another Windows machine on the network that is able to access shared folders on any Windows machine to access webserver logs to parse and display activity in real time.

Hoping someone here can help me (not super familiar with Linux) how I can redirect the webserver logs for the built in Apache Webserver in Nextcloud AIO. I have shared directory setup via Virtual Box that is mounted at /mnt/webserverlogs

Iā€™d like to have the Apache Webserver write the webserver access logs to this directory. From there, I am able to have the Windows Machine that I am doing the log parsing access that same folder via the Windows side to read the logs, parse them and display the activity for me in real time.

Thank You