Need help reinstalling & recovering NC25

After having continual feature degradation update after update, i decided to do a backup and reinstallation of Nextcloud but it hasn’t gone very well.
I could use some help!

From my SNAP installation of NC, I did a backup via “nextcloud.export”.
I then removed NC via the snap instructions and then tried to reinstall it via the snap commands. The removal appeared to go as planed (nextcloud removed).

Installing also seamed to work.
I started the server and tried importing my backup with “nextcloud.import”.

I got messages like “Importing apps… Unable to import apps… Nextcloud is not installed”, etc.

So I just tried to run the server and see it I could access it via a browser.
I got this text in the browser, “App directory /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/extr-apps not found!”

How can I get my server back up and running and how can I get my backup imported !?!
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!



I am no expert but as a snap user I would share my experience.

This will create an entire backup (including database, installed apps and most importantly user data) in a single folder.

Default location of the directory is /var/snap/nextcloud/common/backups/. Under which you may see following format directory name for each backups 20190121-153921.

You are supposed to copy it out of that location to another disk or safe place for restoration purpose.

Refer here → How to backup your instance · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap Wiki (

Which instruction?

If you are removing snap nextcloud via snap remove nextcloud, then it will remove the installed nextcloud, all dependencies including user data (unless it was moved out of snap default location) and most importantly, then backup directory as well.

You need to install snap nextcloud first then you are supposed to run the command to import backup.

Remember, install the exact version of nextcloud from which you had taken the previous backup for successful restoration.

Question is, did you move the backup folder from it’s default generation location? and how did you remove snap nextcloud?

Since, as far as I am aware, if you haven’t moved the backup folder and run snap remove command, then it will delete that backup also.


Thanks for the reply!

Yes I moved the backup to my desktop (Ubuntu). Not at the server right now but “might” have done a copy.

I used “snap remove nextcloud” to remove nextcloud.

Sorry, I missed writing some of the steps I took.
I reinstalled nextcloud with “snap install nextcloud”
Then I used “nextcloud.import” to try to import the back and got the “nextcloud is not installed” error(s). I pointed the import at the copy of the backup.
Could there be a permissions issue with the copy?

Everything you have stated seems inline with what I did.

Any thoughts?



Copy the backup folder into /var/snap/nextcloud/common/backups/YourBackDir

Then cd /var/snap/nextcloud/common/backups

Then sudo nextcloud.import YourBackDir

See if that helps.

But do remember, snap nextcloud full backups can only be restored between same exact version of snap nexctloud installations.

And ensure you have enough free disc space for the operation.


I redid all the steps and the server is up and the backup has worked :slight_smile:
Thank you!


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